Mimi Cabell


Mimi Cabell was formally trained in photography and the language arts; today she is enamored with “the image” and the different ways it can be and always is created through visual and textual grammar. What interests her is “the image” as a point of view, or reference, what it reveals about the individual and the context in which it was made and which it depicts. This semiotic structure has led her first to work with language, and second to undertake projects and research that interrogate the “culture of looking” and its social, political, and cultural underpinnings. She has published work in Cabinet magazine, Prodigal journal, Salade Publication, Manual: a journal about art and its making, and on Somesuch stories, and has recently shown or presented work in Helsinki, Reykjavik, Minneapolis, and in Ramallah as part of Shifting Ground, an offsite project commissioned by Sharjah Biennial 13, curated by Lara Khaldi. Her collaborative work American Psycho was featured in Kunstforum’s fall 2016 ‘post-digitalism’ issue, and has been available at Printed Matter in New York, and Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris. She currently lives in Providence, RI where she is Assistant Professor of Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.