Joshua Noble


“I’m an interaction designer, teacher, and technologist. I keep busy. I have fun. I have studied and taught at CIID and worked at frog and Teague among other places. As an undergrad I studied linguistics, math, formal logic, cognitive science, and read a lot of poetry in college. I started programming by trying to build interactive installations using motion detection and image analysis. Along the way I’ve taught myself electronics, hardware, C and C++, Python, Java, JS && front-end webstuff, a bit of Verilog, GLSL, a fair amount about computer vision, a smattering of very low-level protocols like LoRa and WPAN, and some real-time rendering techniques. I like building things and designing stuff that does what it’s supposed to with a minimum of fuss. I believe in human centered design and that good design can make better products and a better world. I believe in empowering people with tools, ideas, resources, and support. I’ve worked with clients all over the world building products, teams and ideas, including Verizon, Adobe, Intel, Google, Boeing, and Microsoft. I’ve worked individually, in small teams, in distributed teams, and as a part of very large teams.