Tim Devin


“I believe that people can have a say in their communities and in the world at large. To do so, they need information, and they need to feel more connected. I try to support both of those needs. Information helps us make better decisions about the things we’re already involved in, and it can inspire us to do more–by showing us what others have done in the past, or what needs to be done in the future. Information can also make us feel more connected with our world at large, and show us what we have in common with individuals around us. This leads to a sense of community. A sense of community is important because people who feel connected help each other out on an individual level, and band together to make their neighborhoods more livable on a grassroots level. They participate in the political process, and they take part in movements such as environmentalism and the push for social justice. If that’s not enough, studies show that a sense of belonging just plain makes us happier people. Through my independent projects, my work as a librarian, and my involvement in various community organizations, I try to spread information, and help foster a sense of community where I live.”